Canoeing at surrounding rivers

In our offer we provide you with equipment and transport, and on special request, qualified instructors and lifeguards. Enjoy the canoe trip weekend, both individual or organized with full board and accomm

We organize canoeing through the rivers: Drawa, Kokna, Węgorza Brzeznicka which belong to the most beautiful canoeing routes in Poland.
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On our trips we recommend comfortable and unsinkable canoes, which you can read about in section "our equipment"
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Each member will be provided with a life jacket.



One-day rafting on the river Drawa

- On the trail of Fr. Cardinal Karol Wojtyla *

Trails description / one day routes only:

Gudowo - Drawsko Pom. - Gudowo:
Transport of people and equipment to Drawsko Pomorskie, where the Drawa starts flow from "Papal Stone". Passing under seven bridges, flowing through lovely meandering river, takes you directly to us, the marina and camping Jermak in Gudowo.
Flow time about 5 hours.

Gudowo - Lubieszewo - the bridge on the way to Kalisz Pom. - Gudowo
We transport you to Lubieszewo, where the rafting begins, you have to flow to the other side of Lubie lake and swim to the river bed. It is the most beautiful section of Drawa, flowing through wild and uninhabited area of military training ground.
Rafting ends at the bridge on the road Drawsko Pomorskie - Kalisz Pomorskie, where we transport people and equipment to a center of Jermak in Gudowo.
Flow time: 4-5 hours.

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Drawa is one of the most beautiful waterways, not only in Poland but also in Europe. The route is attractive because of the purity of water, terrain and variety of the river stream. Initially Drawa flows many lakes in Drawsko landscape park area. The current is calm here.

After passing the Lubie lake, we enter the section which gives us a foretaste of the real Drawa: river gets speeds that eventually, become approximately for 1 km, a mountain stream. Still, the river is safe even for novice fans of paddles - the river runs fast and gives you a chance to practice before the episode of Barnimie.

Section from Prostynia is usually closed by a military training ground, so that is why we transport your equipment onto further part of the trail. Passing Drawno we enter the Drawsko National Park area. The river flows through the valley here, deeply cut into the high and steep banks covered with magnificent forests.

We sail through the middle of the Drawsko forest - remnants of the huge forests which cover the area from the Masuria to Maklemburgia, and the further east. Aged oaks and beeches and pine trees will accompany us for several days. On the section from Gudowo we have a chance to meet the golden eagle. We expect to beat the route in twelve days, including one training day and one day of blissful.


Breakfast 8.00 a.m. - 9.00 a.m.
I Snack 12.00 a.m. - soft drinks, sweets, sandwiches, fruits
II Snack 15.00 a.m. - soft drinks, sweets, sandwiches, fruits
Dinner 17.00 p.m. - 18.00 p.m.
Fireplace 21.00 p.m. - grilling sausage, beverages

The whole expedition is filmed, and the members will receive a copy of the movie as a souvenir. We also take pictures that are available for participants and we upload them on our we


1. Arrival, assignemt of equipment, basic instructions, familiarization ebent.
2. Basic training in canoe maneuvering, safety and support on the water.
3. Rafting on the river, the first stage, accommodation in Riversite Hostel Złocieniec.
4. The second stage, accommodation in Drawsko Pomorskie in a youth hostel.
5. The third stage, accommodation in Gudowo (cafe, showers, shopping).
6. Blissful laziness or a bicycle trip around the area (your choice), accommodation in Gudowo.
7. Transfer to Lubieszewo, to fourth stage and overnight at the lake Dąbie Wlk. fishing.
8. Transfer to Prostynia, the fifth stage, accommodation in Riversite Hostel Drawnie (cafe, showers, disco)
9. The sixth stage and overnight in Bogdanka - Drawski National Park.
10. The seventh stage, accommodation in the Old Osieczno - sail by Forest Drawska.
11. The eight and final stage to the Krzyż, overnight, fireplace, goodbye party, green night.
12. The award certificates, the settlement equipment, goodbye and departure.


Canoeing for max 30 people, must be 14 or over.
Cena spływu to 1199 PLN. Payment in the amount of 360 PLN on our account no later than 30 days before the rafting, to guarantee a place in the selected date. Prepayments will not be refunded in case of cancellation less than 21 days before the start. We give discounts in the amount of
200 PLN, to all who transfer the money till the end of April 2014, this year's high school graduates, students with full entries in the index and all with an average above 5.0.
It is not possible to connect discounts and promotions.

See you at Drawa!