Our chef

The Chef in our restaurant is Balaram Jaisi, who quickly became popular among the local society.


He comes from Nepal. In addition to certified qualifications as a Head Chef of oriental cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian and Arabic), he conducts yoga classes for the residents of our village, because, as he believes - combining yoga and cooking has the same principles: harmony, knowledge, going beyond the limits.


Balaram - Bala, as we call him here - he is an experienced cook. He has worked for many years in very demanding hotel restaurants in Dubai, and Doha, Qatar. After long efforts, he decided to accept our offer and so, we can now boast of such a fantastic kitchen.


Bala is particularly proud of his skills related to Japanese cuisine - when he became a chef he decided to work as an assistant of Japanese cook and learned for three years how to prepare Japanese cuisine from native Japanese.


Today, his qualifications (six titles), knowledge and experience is used in our Tavern to satisfy your palate.



 Egzotyczna kuchnia od podszewki - lekcje gotowania osobiście poprowadzi Szef kuchni !!!


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