Sailing training and events

We organize sailing camps, which are directed to the fact that the participants can have a basic sailing license. We provide sailing lessons at the weekends. After six meetings, you can take the exam for a sailing license on the degrees of yacht sailor!



Better version of Masuria
Countryside is located approximately 4 km from Drawsko Pomorksie, in the heart of Drawsko Lake District, on the Lubie lake. Our huge lakes: Drawsko, Lubie, Wielimie, Pile and hundreds of smaller are clean, charming and there are no crowds and noise typical of Masurian lakes. The varied landscape, huge areas of forests, plenty of water is a paradise for water tourism lovers. Our rivers are ideal for canoeing.

Care of outstanding instructors

Raised standards
The marina is equipped with modern sanitary facilities with showers, sailing equipment, bikes, canoes, boats, fishing rods, etc.
We conduct training on classical Omega yachts, cabin yachts Windjammer 550 and larger yachts such as the 730th class.
Excellent meals are prepared by our Nepalese cook and many additional attractions and events complete the picture of our camp.

Discover our unique offer of training weekends and sa


To meet the needs of people who like to act quickly and decisively, wishing to save time, we have weekends sailing courses.

In only 6 weekends you can get a sailing patent! In the period May - September we conduct more independent courses to the degree- yacht sailor. This option does not need to visit us next weekends.

Choose the time, where you will be trained. The minimum required for the exam is 90 hours of training on the water and the positive opinion of the instructor. Students have to learn the theory by themselves based on scripts developed by us. Consultations take place during practical training, after school on the water. Exams are conducted several times during the year.


Sailing camps for up to 15 people, must be 14 or over

The exam fee is 150 zł. The course price is 1599 zł and includes food, accommodation in summer houses, training, insurance, training materials.

The option without food and accommodation is 999 zł. In this case, we recommend visiting us with your whole family and accommodation at the campsite.


Sailing camp in Gudowo – Programme

This camp is a fantastic adventure that is remembered for a lifetime!


1st The organization, division into groups, familiarization event
2nd Getting to know the equipment, the first swimming, theoretical classes
3rd - 12 Training, theoretical classes, additional attractions
13th Exam, fireplace + goodbye party,
14th The award of certificates camp, goodbye, departure


The participants are divided into groups of four people. A typical training day includes lessons on the water and theory training for the 12-groups. One group remains in the camp and the other two are involved in additional classes:
- Trip to the seaside
- Rafting the Drawa
- Fishing competitions on the trout fishery
- Game Field
- Cycling tour


The participants can choose individual activities, according to their liking.

Compulsory classes end at 5.00 p.m, and after a meal, the participants have to choose from:

- Free time
- Beach and swimming
- Additional water activities
- Shopping trip to stores in Drawsko Pom.
- Fishing


Day ends with an evening campfire and participants go to bed about 10.00 p.m.
During the camp, we arrange many sports events:
- Cycling
- Boat racing
- Water knights event
- Beach volleyball event
- Sailing

The camp ends with an exam of the degree of yacht sailor


Sailing camp for max 30 people, must be 14 or over.

The price of sailing camp is for only 1399 PLN. Prepayment in the amount of PLN 420 on our account no later than 30 days before the camp, to guarantee a place in the selected date. Prepayments will not be refunded in case of cancellation less than 21 days before the start.



We give discounts in the amount of 200 PLN, to all who transfer the money till the end of April 2011, this year's high school graduates, students with full entries in the index and all with an average above 5.0.

It is not possible to connect discounts and promotions.

See you under the Sails!